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Temple Israel's Donation Page
Make donations to Mother Bear Project and/or YES Fund

If you prefer to make a contribution by mail, send a check to: 

WRJ-Temple Israel Sisterhood 

1376 E. Massey Rd

Memphis, TN 38120

Other projects to donate to:  

Mother Bear Project (knitting for a cause) - people from all over the world, including members of Temple Israel Sisterhood, knit easy-to-make bears for children in emerging nations.  Mother Bear Project has sent thousands of bears to children across Africa.  Each bear wears a tag with the knitter's name and the bears are treasured possessions of these young children.  Since our sisterhood began partenering with this organization in 2008, we have knitted and sent 2,134 bears.  We also knit for many other organizations including MIFA, Manna House, West Clinic and Memphis Jewish Home.

Youth, Education, and Special Projects (YES) Fund - represents the collective financial efforts of individual donors and WRJ affiliated sisterhoods to strengthen the Reform Movement and ensure the future of Reform Judaism.  YES Fund grants provide Reform Jewish institutions and individuals worldwide with the tools necessary for religious, social, and educational growth and enhance Jewish Life by supporting clergy, cultivating women's leadership, advocating for social justice, providing programming, and offering support.    




Please consider a donation to one of our WRJ Temple Israel Sisterhood Funds:  

WRJ Sisterhood Fund - donations to this fund help support all of Sisterhood's programs and projects. 

WRJ Beulah R. Vosse Library Fund - donations to this fund help sustain the Temple Library and related programming.

WRJ Service to the Blind Fund - donations to this fund pay for visually impaired students to attend Colonial Visually Limited Summer Camp during the month of June. 

WRJ Temple Grounds & Beautification Fund - donations to this fund help sustain the grounds at Temple Israel.   


To make a donation to one of the funds above, go to Temple Israel's donation page

and select one of the above funds.  

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